Mommy, what is Type-1 Diabetes? the book continues... 
This family friendly website was created as a continuation for everyone ~ A place to find resources and learn more about the complexity of living with juvenile diabetes ~ The symptoms, diagnosis and supplies are just the beginning ~ Family and friends are a big part or your life,  we invite them here too.

Welcome to Our Story

"Mommy, What is Type-1 Diabetes?" the book and concept was created by a mother, Irene Mallano and co-written/illustrated by her young daughter, Madison Rose that has juvenile diabetes. It is easy for children of all ages to read, as well as a valuable adult reference that includes basic information in a positive storyline to provide a caregiver, family or friend with a feeling of virtual comfort and understanding. Here we share of our daily life-lessons... 

"Mommy, What is Type-1 Diabetes?
A True Story about What to Expect"

Written by Irene Mallano & Madison Rose Mallano

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About The Authors 

Mommy, What is Type-1 Diabetes? was written by a mother, Irene Mallano and co-authored and co-illustrated by Irene's young daughter, Madison Rose who has Type-1 juvenile diabetes. “Its a really cool book about juvenile diabetes and the journey kids like me face and what I needed to learn in a fun way”, says Madison Rose. “This is not about us, this is about raising awareness for diabetes and helping families by letting people know that it won’t be perfect, but it will be okay." says Irene. It is a visual image of our thoughts and should not be mistaken for medical advice or intended as such, just another tool in your management plan. Irene is a full-time mom and always there to talk with a fellow D'family, and can also be reached on the "Mommy, What is Diabetes?" Facebook page. Madison Rose is a vibrant smart little girl with alot of love in her heart, very outgoing and loves to help a freind in need. 

Please contact us for more information about the authors, schedule an interview or request as a guest speaker(s). They are both active in the community and will talk to you anytime, even at 2am.


What Is Juvenile-Diabetes Mellitus (Type-1 / T1D)

Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes Mellitus is a devastating disease that affects millions of people with the autoimmune destruction of insulin-producing beta cells of the pancreas. A large and growing percentage of them are children, who cannot grow out of the disease and require daily insulin to survive. It is different from the more commonly known and heard, Type 2 diabetes, which is a metabolic disease in which the body does not properly break down carbohydrates and sugars. Irene emphasizes that she is not a medical or literary professional; she wrote the book from a personal point of view, sharing what she calls “mommy tips” and ideas that worked for her family. Madison’s true story of life events, glossary terms and basic information describes Type 1 diabetes which are accented by her own drawings and reflections throughout the book.
 You never know how strong you are, until being strong is all you have! Count your rainbows, not your thunderstorms...

My oldest daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes at the age of four. I could see the doctors talking — but couldn't hear a thing! It was as if my body was frozen as my mind was absorbing all that it could. Shortly after, I realized it was even harder for my child to understand all of this, let alone as an adult and it was her life that was changing too. This inspired me to create a invaluable resource of information for all, as well as to raise T1D Symptom awareness to everyone. 

Please share this website with friends and family, so more can learn about this silent chronic disease that strikes in a moment but stays for a lifetime. F
or families as a whole it is hard to grasp it all and see the future as better days ahead, but its some what of a comfort to know that someone else out there has it and is okay. You are not alone in your thoughts! 

Madison and I wanted to share our self-learned tips and time to help others cope with daily issues and emotions. Things that may seem simple to most people are not for someone living with diabetes. Everyday has its own challenges, just take it one day at a time! If I help you today, please "PAY It Forward" and help another in time of need. (((HUGS))) Irene Mallano

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